viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013


So i'm sick and so tired, i think i have fever and this day have been so hot and long! Usually in days like this one i like to go tanning outside but today i just feel like i should be just sleeping for the rest of the afternoon and it is so annoying to feel like this on a sunny friday evening.
I just want you guys to let me know if i should write here in english or should i keep writing in spanish? I'm just so bad writing in english!!
Anyway, have you check out the new Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj video "Love More"?
I just love it, everything about it!
Here's the link so you can watch it too:

The video was leaked like 2 weeks ago so that's why this one doesn't have many views just yet but i'm sure it will have a lot more views soon :D

Please if there is any mistakes here let me know!!
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  1. Personally I think you should write in whichever language you feel most comfortable but writing in English will definitely help you get better! xx

    I just saw the video - I quite like the way different dance styles are involved abit. & Nikki looks lovely as always :)

    -xoxo, Selorm.

    1. Thanks for the advice :D and yes, she is so pretty!!:D

  2. Las cejas se te ven perfectas :O Deberías (bueno, una idea que se me ocurrió) decir que haces con ellas, como las maquillas, como le sacas forma y eso :)

    Y bueno, con respecto al idioma, escribe en el que te sientas más cómoda :)

    1. BUENIIISIMA idea y super divertida de hacer,gracias!!
      espanol jajaja

  3. I hope you feel better soon :(
    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog
    You don't have to do the tag, I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your blog!

    1. I had my first migraine the day after!! but now i'm feeling so much better thank you!!
      thats sooo coool thanks!! i will check it out and if i do that i will definitely dominate you xoxo

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  5. Hey hey, I'm glad you liked it I'm in the beginning but already addicted to this world of the blogs!! And Preppy Lemonade is already on Bloglovin ( stay tuned and follow the blog so you can be updated with all my little news and surprises!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

    With love, Bárbara

  6. You look great doll. Thank you for visiting my blog following you by bloglovin follow back thanks.

  7. Hi Loving your blogs
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  8. Hi dear, you look so beautiful! I hope you feel better now and you're enjoying sunny days...
    Your blog is really great, I'm following you via bloglovin'